Find good expired domains for free

find expired domains

Finding good domains is difficult. That is why we have built this software : Expired Domains Finder. This software is free with no warranty. It may damage your computer (even if that would be very surprising and our test haven't revealed that bug).

What this software does :

  • Crawl websites and check for expired domains
  • Check for errors and websites (brocken links for example)
  • Check whois and DNS
  • Create a great list of expired domains
  • Get PA, DA and number of backlinks for a domain

Download and install (Windows only)

Expired Domains Finder is free to download and to use (Windows only - tested on Windows 10 - please contact us if it works on older Windows Systems).

Click on the button to download this free software : Expired Domains Finder v20160629 DOWNLOAD

You must extract the files and configure the file config.cfg. Please read the full page to understand how Expired Domains Finder works.

How to configure Expired Domains Finder ?

First you must download and extract the ZIP file. After that, double click on the file ExpiredDomains.exe to start to use the software.

It should work out of the box, but you can configure several aspect of the software. If you have a problem with a missing "msvcr100.dll" file, you can download it here. Alternativelly, of it doesn't work, you can download this Microsoft package (click here).

The first thing you'll want to do is modify the file "config.cfg" with notepad (or a similar software) :

USER_AGENT='Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_2) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/27.0.1453.116 Safari/537.36'

The first thing to do is to modify the fields MOZ_ACCESS_ID and MOZ_SECRET_ID to have PA, DA and number of backlinks in the software.

You will need a account (click here) and you will have to setup a Mozscape API Key and Secret (click here). Moz will then give you access to their API and you must modify the fields.

You can modify the others fields, but it is not necessary.

How to use Expired Domains Finder ?

When you start the software, you will see a lot of parameters :

find expired domains

Buttons :

  • Start New : start a new session. This will clear the queue but all the expired domains already found will stay in the list.
  • Resume : resume previous session.
  • Stop : stop session (Warning : it may take several minutes to properly stop the tool. Please wait if you want to do a "Resume" after)
  • Quit : quit
  • Import URLs : import a list of urls (simple text file with an url by line)

Fields :

  • URLs to crawl : the tool is a crawler, enter url(s) to crawl (separated by "|")
  • Crawl URLs that contains : type of url to crawl
    • Example "" : we will only crawls urls that contains ""
    • We can use "." to crawl every websites
  • Check URLs that contains : type of urls to check (for errors, expired domains, etc.)
    • "Example ".edu" : will verify only domains that have ".edu" in their name

Parameters :

  • URL ou Domain / Subdomain : if you want to check "" (url) or "" (domain). Usually we want to find expired domains, so check "Domain / subdomain".
  • Expired : to find expired domains (with a check of Whois and DNS)
  • 404 / 403 / 500 : to find HTTP errors
  • All : to find all HTTP errors

How to export the results ?

You can use the button "Open Expired Domains File" to open the results in a text editor.

Also, in the software directory, you will find a file called expired.txt. You can copy it elsewhere and open it with Excel (CSV format with "|" delimiter) or edit it with your favorite text editor.


Last changes :

  • 20160802 : first 64 bits version, bugs fixes, new parameter to set number of threads, new button to open the file containing the expired domains
  • 20160629 : first version

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