Long Tail Pro Review

long tail pro software

As you know, you must create very good content for your website. Without this content nobody will read your pages and Google will just ignore you.

But how to find good and valuable content ?

The answer is simple : by finding good keywords you will expose your website to viewer who search these keyords. Long Tail Pro has been designed just for that : let you find valuable keyword to create valuable content for your website.

How to use Long Tail Pro

First, you need to download the software (see on the right of the website). Then, you need a Google Adwords account. Long Tail Pro will use your Google information to find keywords.

I recommand to use also a Moz API account to get more informations and use the full power of Long Tail Pro. You can get a Moz Api account here.

long tail pro software keyword research

You can now create a new project and type your interest (example : "puppies"). Long Tail Pro will find keywords related to your search and display différents informations about them.

  • the search volume : how many times someone search the keyword in Google
  • the competition : is it difficult to be and the first page of Google

When you click on a line, Long Tail Pro will display the first 10 search result from Google. It is a really valuable function because it let you see your competition. That is why it is really important to have a key for the mozscape API. With it, you will see PA and DA values. If PA and/or DA is important (max is 100, min is 0), then the site will be trusted by Google.

Now, you can use the software, by how to find really good keywords for your website ?

How to find really good keywords with Long Tail Pro ?

long tail pro competitor analysis

After a few tries, you should have a better understanding of Long Tail Pro. We can now see how to find very good keywords to help you write content for your websites.

The first thing to do is to try to imagine what are the problems my customers want to solve.

If I sell soap, maybe my customers have a problem with there skins (or with the smell...). That is why wee want to use Long Tail Pro to find relevant keywords :

  • "Which soap"
  • "Skin problem with soap"
  • "What/Which soap should I Use"
  • ...

You will likely not find the right phrase the first time, but each try will get you good new ideas !

You will have a lot of data to analyse and here are our recommandation :

  • Use only low competition keywords
  • Use low search volume keywords (but not to low) : it is better to have 10 qualified leads than 30 who do not really want what they want
  • Use keywords that are easy to develop in a article (see below)

How to write your content with the keywords ?

You have used Long Tail Pro to get valuable keywords and you need to write content for your website.

We recommand to write a page for one keyword and follow this example to write your piece of content :

  • The keyword : "Eczema from soap"
  • The article title : "Natural soap to get rid of eczema"
  • The article H1 : "How to get rig of eczema with our natural soap"
  • use "Eczema from soap" keywords in your content one to three times
  • Write a 1000+ words articles to maximize your chance of ranking

You should write a new article for every keyords you found with Long Tail Pro to get better rankings in Google search engine.

If you have a lot of content to write you can hire a freelance writer to help you.

Should you by Long Tail Pro ?

Yes ! Long Tail Pro is a really valuable software and it is cheap ($99 or less). It will help you rank easlily on Google if you use it correctly.

Plus, it is really affordable and you don't need to hire a SEO expert to help your site rank in Google.

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